Dr. Shaun L. McKay Helped Community on Suffolk Council and More

Dr. Shaun L. McKay

November 19, 2020

Dr. Shaun McKay

Dr. Shaun L. McKay has been an advocate for higher education in the community for over a decade. He was a part of bringing to life the learning center at Suffolk Community College when he was President of the college. This center allows students to have more freedom to study on their own terms without the wait for space. The building was built with green technology with the carbon footprint of the facility in mind and has been an asset to the school. He serves on The Suffolk Council using his experience in higher education, leadership skills, and heart for the community to serve the area. Dr. Shaun L. Mckay has served on many councils and boards to help improve specific situations. This includes work on The Suffolk Council, and in Colleges across the Eastern Seaboard. Community leaders and professionals know that they can call on Dr. Shaun L. Mckay if they are having leadership issues, need advice, or are in need of a keynote speaker or presentation. As a professional who cares deeply about community Dr. Shaun L. McKay stays busy in the area with various leadership roles and guest appearances.

Serving As A Leader And Facilitating Change Are Normal For Dr. Shaun L. McKay.

Dr. Shaun L. McKay has strong organizational skills and taking leadership is natural. This is what made him a great leader at the largest community college in the state of New York for nearly ten years and what makes Dr. Shaun L. McKay an effective and friendly community leader today. His track record in administration, quality improvement, economic planning, and service speaks for itself. Dr. Shaun L. McKay can address a need and use innovation and a winning personality to fulfill it. Suffolk Community College saw a significant increase in dual enrollment and student enrollment in general under his leadership as he believes in reaching as many youths as possible and making higher education available to all who want to pursue it but are unsure if they can for various reasons. Dr. Shaun L. McKay will continue to provide presentations at conferences about the topics he has become an expert in throughout his extensive education and career experience. Most guests find themselves inspired to be better leaders with more information about how to implement change in their system after a consultation or presentation from Dr. McKay.

Dr. Shaun L. McKay will continue to stay busy accepting positions of leadership in the community and finding new ways to improve the city and advocate for educational opportunities for all. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three children when he is not active in the community each day.